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Lessons Learned from a Stroll Through Ybor City [YT Video]

Since I started my business, I've probably put on an away message twice. And each time, I didn't follow through with the "away" part of the concept-- I still checked my inbox, and held myself back from responding to clients.

But that changed last week when the boys and I made our way to Ybor City.

Even though I've been a hundred times before (we live about 20 minutes away), I've never gone during the holiday season on a leisurely stroll. But with my new attempt to be more present with my family, I put my phone on silent, and went to see the sites on 7th Avenue.

Watching Elijah's eyes light up at the Ybor chickens and seeing him gleefully people-watch was surprisingly fulfilling. It's funny how something so simple can be the exact relief you need.

In my (first!) YouTube video, I show you:

  1. my struggle as a working mom during the holidays

  2. a few of the things we came across during our Ybor City stroll

  3. (random) something unusual I noticed in the Target décor section

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