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How we Celebrated Our Pandemic Anniversary

How do you celebrate your wedding anniversary... as a busy entrepreneur...during a pandemic?

[ORIGINAL POST via Instagram on September 2, 2020]

Today makes three years.

Ryan and I were married on a rainy afternoon in Seminole Heights, and a few hours later, we travelled to Puerto Rico for our honeymoon, spending the entire time in the hotel.

And not for the reasons you think ... it was actually because of Hurricane Irma.

It wasn’t the honeymoon we’d planned.

And on our first anniversary, we spent the day in the hospital.

I gave birth, and it was glorious.

But it wasn’t what we had planned.

And on our second anniversary, it rained so hard we could barely see two feet in front of us.

It wasn’t what we had planned.

And today, for our third anniversary...

•We’re in a pandemic.

•I’m catching up on emails.

•Our baby has a cast on and must be closely monitored.

•Our anniversary dinner will likely be yesterday’s leftovers.

And it’s so not what we had planned.

But I’m learning to trust that while my daily plans are thwarted by the unexpected, an aerial view puts things in perspective.

Maybe each day veers from my plans... but what if it’s ALL a part of HIS plan?

Can I be honest? Marriage is not what I thought it would be.

It’s much, much harder. Especially as a fiercely independent woman who suddenly has to... compromise.

I thought that you decided to get married once. I didn’t realize it’s actually something you have to choose every day. To STAY married. To BE married. To LIVE married.

But I’m learning so much, and I’m happy to be doing it with a man who loves me, a man who is patient.

Because marriage ain’t no joke.

And I don’t know what tomorrow has planned.

But as long as it’s a part of GOD’s plan, it’s gotta be good.

Happy anniversary, Ryan. Cheers to a life filled with interrupted plans. Love you.

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