Girl, here's the story:

During the day, I run a public relations agency.

When night falls, I manage a friendship coaching business.

As a multi-passionate woman who loves what she does, I find myself working constantly. And in a time when we wear burnout like a badge of honor, I'm actively working to change my fast-paced, filled-to-the-brim world.

I love being a publicist, and I love serving as a friendship coach. I love being a #boymom and I have no shortage of ideas for new passion projects. But how do you balance it all (in a pandemic, no less)?

Selfishly, I began this blog to document my attempt to break free from "Hustle Culture"-- the lie that the more you 'grind', the more successful you are. Being a 'mompreneur', running two businesses while chasing after a two-year-old is hard work-- and it's about time we  stop glorifying a woman's ability to do "all the things".


I love my job, but as a woman who feels proud when people ask, "Wow, how do you do it all?", I'm working to break free of the cycle: Hustle, cry, and repeat.

Burnout isn't sexy. It's a sign that you need to recalibrate.

 And that's what I intend to do.


So this blog, while for me, just might be for you, too.