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Daily joys  and adventure.


Thoughts on mom life/ wife life.


Reflections on the culture.

I'm a publicist by day, a certified friendship coach by night, and a mom in all the moments in between.

Selfishly, I began this blog to document my attempt to break free from "Hustle Culture"-- the lie that the more you 'grind', the more successful you are. As a 'mompreneur', running two businesses while chasing after a two-year-old is hard work, and it's about time we  stop glorifying "doing all the things".


I love my job, but as a woman who used to feel proud to hear "How do you do it all?", I'm working to break free of the cycle: Hustle, cry, and repeat.

Burnout isn't sexy. It's a sign that you need to recalibrate.

 And that's what I intend to do.


So this blog, while for me, just might be for you, too.


"How does she do it all?"

I'm a publicist by day, a certified friendship coach by night, and a mom and wife in all the little moments in between. But like most working moms, I'm trying to bring more balance to my life. This blog is for the woman doing "all the things" who's looking for tips, insight, and encouragement in her ongoing pursuit of work-life harmony. Because crying from overwhelm on your lunch break is not a solid coping strategy (..just me?)

When your life becomes a blur of hustle-cry-repeat, it's time to recalibrate.


So this blog is your chance to do just that.


© 2020 by Hustle. Cry. Repeat. 

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